Flux Hawai‘i : Tribes

 The Pōpolo Project. Video by Nella Media Group

The Pōpolo Project. Video by Nella Media Group

The Pōpolo Project is featured in volume 8, issue 2 of Flux Hawaii magazine, where artist Nicole Maileen Woo graces the cover in a stunning portrait captured by Chris Rohrer. Inside, through a series of portraits, we share about our collective and individual processes for exploring Black identities in Hawai‘i via the Pōpolo Project.

The stories featured within explore the meaning of “tribes” in what feels like an increasingly polarized and divided society this year. How can they bind us together, what are their limits, and how can the disparate and overlapping tribes — of which we all belong — build stronger bridges to each other's communities across the islands?

Juneteenth 2018

We celebrated Juneteenth 2018 in Queen Kapi‘olani Park with an afternoon of music and cultural arts from across the African diaspora. We created collages and contributed to a community quilt prompted by the question “what does it mean to be Black and free?” We stitched together the responses that came in text, in image, and in vibrant color. It was a beautiful afternoon spent with family and in community across generations, sharing food, laughter, and joy in the potential of being free.